BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 Token Development Company

As a BEP20 token development company, we have a team of leading experts in Solidity and EVM to get you from end to end quickly. Our services include custom BEP20 token development as well as an easy-to-use BEP20 token generator. Our expert blockchain consultants will guide you through your BEP20 token development journey, and help you get a successful launch.

What is the Binance smart chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the fastest and most affordable EVM blockchain right now. Through our BEP20 token generator, you can create an ERC20 compatible token on a much faster network with minimal transaction fees. BEP20 token development is done with the Solidity smart contract language which means that your token can be deployed on any blockchain that supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Unlike Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain runs on a Proof-of-Stake network which makes it much faster and cost-efficient.

How does BSC work?

BSC works similarly to the Ethereum network with the exception that it uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. This means that you can use our BEP20 token generator to create tokens quickly with much lower transaction costs. The PoS system makes transactions extremely fast and reduces gas fees to a great extent.

How Does BEP20 Token Work?

BEP20 tokens are smart contracts that can reside on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network. They are compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and can be deployed using the Remix IDE or a framework such as Truffle.


BEP20 tokens are smart contracts that can reside on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain network. They are compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and can be deployed using the Remix IDE or a framework such as Truffle.

BEP20 vs BEP2

The Binance blockchain network as a whole consists of 2 Blockchains, the Binance Chain and the Binance Smart Chain. These blockchains run in parallel to each other where BEP2 is the standard for Binance Chain and BEP20 works on Binance Smart Chain. The Binance Chain deals with payments and monetary tokens while the Binance Smart Chain supports smart contracts.

Bep20 token development services

BEP 20 Token Development
Create BEP20 tokens through our BEP20 token development service and let your users enter the world of super-fast PoS blockchains.

Smart Contract Integration
Create complex smart contracts through our BEP20 token generator services and we can integrate it to any of your front-end web applications.

NFT Marketplace
Artists are already turning the NFT scene into a million dollar industry. Create your own NFT Marketplace with our BEP20 token development services.

DEX Development
Create a token on our BEP20 token generator and list it on your very own DEX exchange. Our team fully-equipped to build a platform such as PancakeSwap.

Wallet Integration
Our service allows you to Integrate any web3 wallet extension or wallet connect enabled coin wallet to your decentralized application (Dapp).

Token Listing
We additionally provide an assistance service for DEX listings by guiding you through the entire process of listing on platforms such as PancakeSwap.

Features of bep20 token development

BEP20 tokens run on Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard making them compatible with all EVM-based blockchain networks. Users can make transactions quickly and cost-effectively. Easily implement cross-chain functionality by building a bridge smart contract that connects different chains.

Token burn

This feature allows you to destroy tokens and take them out of circulation. This in turn makes your token scarcer and more valuable.

Token Pause

The token pause feature allows you to pause all transactions on a token. Perfect for minimizing damage in case of an issue.

Token Mint

The token mint feature allows you to create new tokens and bring them into circulation. Perfect for reward-based utility tokens.


This feature allows you to distribute rewards to your token holders based on the number of tokens they hold I’m their wallets.

Pause Address

With this feature, you can pause individual addresses. It helps you take control of your project and screen-put bat actors in the network.

Auto LP additions

You can take an amount from each token transaction and add to the liquidity pool. This makes your liquidity pool larger gradually.