Crypto Wallet Software

At alblockchain, you will be served with the best cryptocurrency wallet development services to help you with the processing of your virtual exchange.

We have a team of experienced and talented cryptocurrency development experts specializing in providing your own cryptocurrency wallet. With us, you will always be assisted with a scalable and highly-secure wallet to keep you in the game.

With our advanced and innovative cryptocurrency development techniques, you will be getting a secure and powerful wallet which allows you to store private transaction keys and get your transactions processed with complete protection.

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

Web Wallet

The wallet which needs web access to work is acknowledged as a web wallet.

Mobile Wallet

The wallet which can be accessed seamlessly and is highly functional.

Desktop Wallet

The wallet which is really effective cryptocurrencies cold storage method.

Hardware Wallet

The wallet which is highly secured and easier to work with than others.

Multi-Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet

2-factor Authentication
It allows one to maintain their account securely.

Most Used address
It allows one to access user addresses with ease.

Paper Wallet Development
You can scan and work upon paper cryptocurrencies.

Conversion Rates
Check with updated cryptocurrency value right away.

QR code scanner
In single click send and receive cryptocurrencies with ease.

Push Notification
Avail alerts on transactions as the cryptocurrencies value change.

Transaction History
You can check the past transactions processed on the wallet.

Wallet Backup
Keeps your cryptocurrencies secure against software theft and failure.

Gives protection to user accounts with PIN and password.

Multicurrency Integration
Supporting different currencies of Altcoins and popular crypto coins

Fast Transaction
Converting money into cryptocurrencies quickly and securely.

Data Masking
Masking data with blockchain technology to protect data and offer privacy.

Benefits of Cryptocurrency Wallet

Multi Fiat Integration
There are more than hundreds of cryptocurrencies into existence. Each has a different ecosystem, infrastructure, and objective. To use different currencies you can always consider going for the multi-currency wallet.

Detect Duplicate Payments
Cryptocurrency systems do not accept charge backs because for fund suppliers it becomes a risk to get more out of nothing or a fraudulent act. With the 2-factor authorization process, you will have secured private wallet keys.

Automatic Session Logout
Every session gets logged out automatically as it helps in enhancing the primary security procedure. So, this new login helps in keeping the fund and account completely protected after getting logged after a specific period of time.

KYC Module
Each and every cryptocurrency contains its hits and surpasses value. As the amount of virtual currency will not exceed after a particular value, the cryptocurrency can exclusively stay off the inflation grid with KYC module.